Five Strategies to Boost Supply Chain Performance in Complicated Times

With so many strong external forces at play in the supply chain world at the moment, it’s easy to feel out of control. The truth is that no one can control everything and you can be forgiven for that feeling of powerlessness but there are still many strategies you can still employ to boost effectiveness and efficiency in these complex times, here are our top five…

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The Impact of Inflation (& how supply chains can handle it)

According to the Office of National Statistics, the inflation rate (YoY) is 9.0% and The Bank of England expects the rate of inflation to keep rising throughout 2022. In this article, we discuss how we got here, what we can learn and how forward-thinking supply chain teams can focus on three areas of your operation to make a tangible change to how your business experiences inflation.

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The Cost of Doing Business: 1 in 4 SMEs Increase Prices to Customers

The headlines over the past month or so have been dominated by the cost of living crisis and SMEs are feeling the effects of inflation too – which in turn affects their employees and their customers.
New research from Iwoca reveals the effects of rising inflation and business costs on small business owners. In this article, we look deeper at some of the research findings and give vital insight into how your business can survive and thrive against this backdrop of change.

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Crisis Averted – How to Avoid Supply Chain Catastrophe

It feels like there’s a new crisis every day affecting the supply chain – it’s certainly been a turbulent time for supply chain managers so far in 2022. If you’re experiencing price hikes or extended lead times like many of our clients, it may be time to start a data-driven, pragmatic conversation with your supply chain using technology to help you avert the crisis…

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Balancing Client Demands Vs. Supply Chain Needs

Thriving in a world of ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty is a difficult task for many businesses and with this added adversity comes a host of prickly compromises within the organisations themselves.

This creates pressure in the business across many departments, but one of the main tension is the interplay between sales and the supply chain.

So how can technology help balance these seemingly conflicting needs?

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Supplier Onboarding: Five Steps to Remove Friction

The foundation of a strong supplier relationship is a great onboarding process. Unfortunately, the process isn’t quite as straightforward, simple or as speedy as you’d hope. How do you remove friction and streamline supplier onboarding? Here’s our guide to the pitfalls and problems of poor onboarding and five steps to fixing them.

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