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The Benefits of Cloud-Based e-Procurement Software – free white paper

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The Social Value Policy Playbook 2022

A 34-page guide to planning, implementing and managing social value factors to help your business grow. In this insightful and practical playbook, we look at the background of social value policy and the details of the components of social value that will impact your business moving forward.
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Procurement as boardroom strategy: free white paper

The value-adding potential of procurement is now widely recognised. It was not always so. In previous times procurement occupied a peripheral position within most organisations. It was viewed in operational or tactical terms, but rarely as a strategic, value-adding activity. Trends in global business, industry, organisational management, and business education have all contributed to a new perspective.
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Transparent e-Sourcing – free white paper

The development of e-procurement technologies has opened up new possibilities for firms to inject greater transparency into supply chain management; and this is achievable without incurring major costs or disrupting existing financial and enterprise resource planning systems.
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