e-Sourcing facilitates strategic purchasing: Part III – Procurement Spend Analysis

Measuring purchasing performance with procurement spend analysis

We continue our series on e-sourcing and strategic purchasing by looking at the significant contribution made to procurement spend analysis.

e-Sourcing and procurement spend analysis

e-Sourcing is an enabler of strategic purchasing precisely because it captures valuable data on purchasing activity. Procurement spend analysis can then be used to determine trends in bid prices received, actual prices paid, and future expenditure levels.

It can be used to micro-analyse purchasing activity and to isolate spending patterns associated with particular products or services. Having high quality purchasing data also allows firms to take more informed decisions over such areas as consolidation of the supply base.

Detailed procurement spend analysis with SourceDogg

  • Create comprehensive purchasing reports. These present complex data in an easy-to-read format. They also capture trends across suppliers, product categories, departments and more.
  • Customise your reports with comparison and cross tabulation of data streams.
  • Create graphical representations of sourcing and procurement spend analysis for effective communication with your stakeholders.

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