Affordable, powerful and easy-to-use e-sourcing software

Save Money

Get more competitive supplier quotations, reduced sourcing admin costs and rapid return on investment.

Save Time

Shorter, fully online sourcing cycle, quickly find new suppliers worldwide, compare and evaluate supplier quotations.

Achieve Transparency

Comply with auditing and head office requirements, discourage maverick buying and ensure sourcing is fair and proper.

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4 steps to source the best value suppliers

4 steps

How does your organisation source products and services? In a flurry of phone calls and emails? Painstakingly with pen and paper, or spreadsheets? Or maybe habit has you reverting to the same suppliers and uncompetitive prices time and again? It's time for a change.

SourceDogg is a new eSourcing tool that simplifies and optimises the sourcing process. Easy-to-use and affordable, SourceDogg generates increased competition among current and new suppliers, like-for-like comparison of quotations and tenders, and quick identification of the best value.

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We've optimised sourcing for big names across every industry

"SourceDogg saved us both time and money and improved efficiency by working with standardised templates that were customised to meet the project’s needs.”

Michael D Dalton

Senior FM Director, AECOM Construction Services

"We thought we had negotiated keen prices before we implemented SourceDogg, but it has allowed us to squeeze an additional 6-15% out of that pricing.”

Tomas Coleman

Group Procurement Manager, Tifco Hotel Group

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New Business

Win new business by browsing and submitting to e-Requests from buyer organisations worldwide.

Reduced Admin

Submitting a quote takes far less time and effort than traditional methods by post, phone and email.

Online Profile

Advertise your company and wares to buyers worldwide with a free SourceDogg Profile.

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