Navigating SourceDogg:
the Application Menu

How to navigate SourceDogg

Get to know your application menu for easy navigation of SourceDogg. 

We are buying, We are supplying and Supplier Management

  • Click We are buying to go to the home page of your buyer account.
  • Click We are supplying to go the home page of your supplier account.  Please note: this option is not visible/available to buyer-only accounts.

  • Click Supplier Management to go to Supplier Management feature where you can browse and search the Supplier Directory, tagging and pooling organisations of interest.


Click Resources to open a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Documents: store, sort, tag and share all procurement-related files.

  • Contracts: store, sort, tag, share and set reminders for contracts.


Click Reports to open a drop-down menu with the following report options:

  • Events: view all sourcing events (e.g. request deadline, contract expiry) for a specified period.
  • Items: view all your organisation’s product and service items currently saved on SourceDogg.
  • Questions: view all your organisation’s request questions currently saved on SourceDogg.
  • Requests: view a status update on all your organisation’s requests.
  • Suppliers: view all suppliers that your organisation has interacted with and added to the Supplier Pool on SourceDogg.
  • Users: view the details, request history and last login date of all your organisation’s users.

Please note: The Reports option is available/visible to admin users only.

Settings, Profile and Help

Click your name [Donal Kavanagh in example pictured above] to open a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Organisation Profile: view your organisation’s SourceDogg profile. Admin users may also edit the profile.

  • Account Settings: change your Personal Settings and Password. Admin users may also change Organisation Settings, and add, edit or remove users in User Management.
  • Help: access the SourceDogg Knowledge Base.
  • Logout

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